The technique adopted by Opera Ambrosiana for the construction of the load-bearing structures is a system made of steel pylons, named Futhura©. It involves the development of building constructions made by replacing the traditional reinforced concrete structure with a fully patented modular steel structure. 

The method consists in the dry assembly of the steel modules composed of beams and columns. There are countless characteristics that it guarantees: unlimited duration, lightness (70N / sqm vs. 235N / sqm of cement-brick flooring), simplicity, rapid assembly and, above all, proven anti-seismicity (scaled structural prototypes have been tested in the laboratory to resist to 8.5 earthquakes  magnitude on the Richter scale).



In addition to high quality finishes, customers can take advantage of other additional services such as:


  • Technological System and Domotis
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Photovoltaic System
  • Costruction of Pools and Green areas