Opera Ambrosiana Group has been engaged in the building industry for about two decades.

The know-how acquired by several components provides the guarantees of an objective evaluation of the works to be performed, with the awareness of a completely satisfactory final result.

The innovative techniques of construction and work management stimulate to face and manage with undiminished enthusiasm ambitious and great programs, characterized by excellent results and prospects for the future.

Our structure uses its own design and rendering core of ongoing projects, with architects, surveyors and interior decorators who, thanks to a continuos relationship with customers, create customized solutions both internal and external.

The relationship with directly involved workers and the collaboration with industrial building companies have resulted in strong and lasting human and personal relationships.

Hence the continuous search for innovative, efficient, ecologically sustainable, safe and integrated products and solutions in the reference territory.

In 2018 the Opera Ambrosiana Group Srl acquires a business branch of an important company of Genoa, which has operated in France, Switzerland and northern Italy, acquiring a customer portfolio and greater competitiveness and competence regarding services aimed at customers.